Fun suggestions for singles celebrating Valentine’s Day

Alexis Pfeifer

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore. It’s a day to love the most important person in your life — you! If you’re single, don’t sweat but follow these 14 tips to celebrate your Feb. 14 and make it all about you.

Craft time

Break out your craft supplies like markers, glitter and construction paper to make goofy and friendly Valentine’s Day cards for your friends. Everyone enjoys getting a special card that represents all those years of being friends with a clever, nonsense message. This cost-free project offers a great outlook on the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Use supplies you can find at home with this project that will take your mind off what could have been a depressing day. Visit for some card ideas.

Service project

Make a difference in someone else’s day to give you self-motivation to become a better person. Go to a nursing home and visit the residents who may have lost their Valentines. Turn it into a day for you and your single friends. Purchase some roses or make a few cards and take them to the hospital and give them to sick patients. It’s a sure way to brighten their day.


Since Valentine’s Day is all about you, take this opportunity to splurge and get something nice for yourself. Who needs a guy to buy jewelry? Tiffany’s jewelry may be out of your price range, but Macy’s offers great gifts for less. Or, if jewelry isn’t the right gift, buy yourself chocolate or a new CD or movie. You could even treat yourself to a mani-pedi.

Book club

Pick up your favorite book and reread it to bring back all the emotions you once experienced. If you’re really looking for a good read, go back to the books you used to read as a child. These books send you straight back to your childhood, a time when boys were gross.

Movie night

Pick your favorite celeb crush and rent movies they starred in. Spend the night with your dream date. Curl up in your fuzzy pajamas, pop some popcorn and enjoy a night in. This can be a cheap night and can keep your mind focused on what you want in a significant other.

Family love

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love to whomever you want. Send a reminder to the people in your life who have loved you and helped you through the difficult times. Order flowers from and send them to your parents to let them know you appreciate everything they have done for you.

Chocolate paint

Make this delicious paint to decorate your body. Your imagination creates limitless possibilities on what you can make with chocolate. If you mess up, lick it off. It’s that easy to clean up. For this yummy treat, visit and search Valentine’s Day recipes.

Girl’s night out

Invite all of your single friends for a night out. Spend an hour or two getting ready and dressing up with the girls. Go out for a fancy dinner or a movie. Whatever you do, get out of the room. Sometimes being at home will make for an even more depressing Valentine’s Day. Make it all about the girls and being single this year.

Secret Valentine

Get all of your single friends together and plan a secret Valentine’s Day gift exchange. Draw names like you would for Secret Santa and get gifts like chocolate, flowers or stuffed animals. Set a budget and buy that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your friend. You don’t have to stress about whether they will like the gift or not because your friends are just happy to be a part of your life.

Collage wall

Put that old stack of magazines lying in the corner of your room to work. Spend the day going through them and finding “hotties” to hang up on your wall. If this seems a little embarrassing, make a scrapbook to keep forever. Every Valentine’s Day, update it and build your dream love.

It’s all about me

Make this day all about you. Do all of your favorite things, but tell all your friends you’re unavailable. Turn off your phone and leave it at home while you spend the day by yourself. If spending the day by yourself doesn’t sound enjoyable, invite mom along, too. Make it a day for the two of you. Go out to lunch, visit the mall and get your nails done. Some mother-daughter time can mend a lonely heart.

Guys night

Get all the guys together for a night of video games and junk food. Pig out on everyone’s guilty-pleasure snack foods and turn up the music. Some guy-time can get your mind off of the depressing day. Keep girls out of the conversation and focus on sports. It shouldn’t be that hard with ESPN on.

Baking day

Spend your Valentine’s Day baking yummy treats for you and your friends. Chocolate candy hearts are the best way to get your mind off of boys. These scrumptious treats are even easy to make. All you need to purchase is chocolate, heart molds and food coloring. Make them as festive or as un-festive as you want! For the recipe visit

Un-Valentine’s Day party

Promising to be successful, this party day can be for you and your single friends. Get together to celebrate being single. Spend the day baking treats or buying snacks for the evening’s activities. Break out some comedy movies like “The Break-Up” or “Valentine’s Day” or make a playlist including songs like “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake or “Love Drunk” by Boys Like Girls. Everyone will love a day devoted to not celebrating love.

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