PARTA finalizes purchase of properties

Dawn Einsel

The eminent domain case over the Car Parts Warehouse building is closed.

PARTA and owners Tony and Carolina Difiore of TD & CD Kent LLC settled out of court Wednesday, canceling a 9 a.m. jury trial. The civil trial for the possession of the building began at the end of December.

“We have agreed on $715,000 for the property and business,” said Bryan Smith, director of planning for PARTA.

The two groups also agreed upon as much as $60,000 for the relocation of the business, but Smith said the exact amount will be unknown until the process begins.

The arrangement is still pending approval by the FTA, along with one other purchase.

Smith said PARTA is still in the process of settling a price on two other properties, but possession orders have been given and the negotiations could continue during construction.

The warehouse, located at 115 S. Depeyster St., was the last possession order needed before PARTA could set a date to start construction on the $26 million transit center.

“We now have a known possession date,” Smith said. “That was the last question hanging out there.”

PARTA approached the Difiores in February 2010. They rejected the original offer of about $450,000.

The transit center is set to open in 2012 and will include bus bays, public parking and retail and commercial space.

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