BIPOC Student Resource page

Zaria Johnson

Safe Spaces, Safety and Educational Resources

Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action: Works to ensure equal opportunity of employment and education for students of color, as well as LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities and more. The Office of Compliance [EOAA] can provide students with confidential counseling for harassment and discrimination as well as a mechanism for filing complaints regarding targeting harassment and discrimination.

 Student Multicultural Center (SMC): Provides students of color with mentoring, guidance and other resources to ensure degree completion. The SMC hosts several events held by student organizations, such as Sister Circle’s spring clothing swap and Male Empowerment Network’s charity flag football tournament, to empower students of color across campus.

 The Center for Pan-African Culture: Hosts the annual spring Pan-African Festival highlighting various films, speakers and performances. The center’s other programs include public discussions on political, social and educational topics, along with issues on Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Canada and the Caribbean.

The Institute for African-American Affairs [IAAA]: Works alongside the Department of Pan-African Studies to sponsor speakers who represent Black artists, scholars and intellectuals and hosts events discussing how Black culture and the Black experience shapes the world.

 CCI Diversity Program: Offers a variety of resources to marginalized groups of students within the college of Communication and Information, including scholarship opportunities, mental health services and a laptop rental program. 

 BIPOC Student Organizations

Alpha Kappa Mu: An academic honor society that promotes high scholarship and encourages sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service. Cultivating a high order of personal living, and developing an appreciation for scholarship.

 Black United Students: Provides students with educational, cultural and social programs that relate to the past, present and future goals held by the Black community, and discusses ways to ensure an equitable educational experience for Black students.

 Chinese Student and Scholars Association: Dedicated to Chinese students and scholars of learning the local culture while offering networking and recreational activities to its members.

Integrated Greek Council: Governing body for National Pan-Hellenic and National Association for Latino Fraternal organizations.

 Kent African Student Organization (KASA): Strives to establish greater African unity by providing academic, social and philanthropic activities to African students.

 Kent Indian Students Association: Promotes Indian culture, celebrates major Indian festivals, organizes sports events and also assists Indian students with their career and academics by building alumni relations.

Kent State Korean Culture Club: Promote and immerse students in Korean culture, language, music, history and politics through cultural activities, field trips, such as jiu jitsu lessons or bowling nights and informational meetings.

 Male Empowerment Network (M.E.N.): Supports the academic, professional, social and personal development of men of color.

National Association for Black Journalists: Works toward the advancement and professional and networking opportunities within the media industry while providing quality on and off-campus programs and services to journalism students.

 Native American Student Association (NASA): Provides cultural, spiritual and traditional growth to Native American students while promoting understanding to those outside the culture.

 Sister Circle:Supports the personal, social, cultural and professional development of women of color at Kent State.

Spanish and Latino Student Association (SALSA): Works to secure the representation of Latinos at Kent State, educate the university community about issues of importance to Latinos and provide academic, social and philanthropic programs to students.

 Uhuru Magazine: Aims to liberate the minds of students of color at Kent State and beyond by addressing topics of racial, social and/or political ignorance through writing, photography, art and graphic design.

 Voices of Color: Educates students of color on voter registration, local and national issues, student government [USG], what student government is; campus policies, resources and administration promotions, presidential and local candidates, upcoming elections, how to vote, the significance of voting, how to get involved in political activism / be political activist, basic knowledge of organizing.