Couple Workouts

Sign up for a class together:

  • Find a class that interests you both, like swimming, martial arts, rock climbing

Do cardio

  • Try taking spinning, which is indoor cycling, allowing each of you to cycle at your own pace
  • Find two machines next to each other so you can work on your individual goals

When walking or jogging, try intervals.

  • This way if one is faster than the other, you can both go at your own speeds

While strength training, be the coach of your partner

  • Help them through the workout and switch places between sets

Enjoy the outdoors

  • Try picking up new hobbies, like hiking, canoeing, tossing a football, leisurely walking

Try doing sets of exercises next to each other

  • Sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, push-ups and stretching

What exercises do you do with your significant other?