Ways to decorate your room



Dorm rooms are pretty small so it’s hard to find ways to make it feel like you’re at home. Try a couple of these ideas to enhance your room. Photo by MCT Campus.

-Raise your bed by putting your bookshelves underneath

  • You will have more room for your clothes, laundry, or books

-Use dry erase boards

  • Walmart sells calendar dry erase boards so you can keep track of what you need to do each day. They also leave space to write notes down

-Use stickers

  • Target sells wall stickers that will help add a little color to your room

-Buy picture frames

  • Hang or tape pictures on your wall to make it feel more homey

-Add lights to your room

  • Buy string lights and hang them along your bed or desk to create a more personal atmosphere

-Buy a rug

  • Most dorm rooms have cold, tiled floors. Buy a rug to make it feel more like you’re in a bedroom, rather than a bathroom.

-Add a colorful curtain

  • Kent gives everyone the same curtains for each dorm room. Make your room feel extraordinary by getting a colorful curtain and stand out from everyone else.

What other ideas do you use to decorate your dorm room?