Pan-African Studies and JMC auditioning students for new movie

Taylor Titus

Students interested in appearing on camera can audition for a feature-length film this weekend.

The Pan-African Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication departments are collaborating on a musical comedy for their second movie.

“Everyone is contributing what ever their specialty is,” said Traci Williams, head of the film production and instructor in Pan-African Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication. “It’s running as if we are a real film production company.”

Students from all majors who can act, sing or dance are welcomed to participate.

Audition and job information

  • Auditions will be Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 5 to 9 p.m. in Oscar Ritchie Hall Room 214. Students auditioning for vocal roles should bring 16 bars of up-tempo music and 16 bars of a ballad with piano reduction. All students should bring headshots if available.
  • Williams is also looking for a paid business managing position to work from now until the end of fall. Interested students can contact her at 330-672-2356.

“It doesn’t matter what discipline you are from,” Williams said. “I have a spot for you.”

Pre-production for the film has already started. Students from the music department are composing scores for the film. The music recording will be completed in the spring, and the script will be finished by early March.

Filming will take place during the summer with most of it shot in Kent. Post-production takes place in the fall. The film will premiere at the end of Fall 2011.

The bulk of the money to pay for the film comes from student fundraising efforts. Some donations come from alumni, and the Pan-African Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication departments also help finance the film.

“We used what we did in ‘Breaking News’ as a foundation,” Williams said. “We know what needs to be done at this time. We had a lot of hiccups last year; we had a glass of water and we’re good now.”

The departments plan to produce a feature-length film every year. Williams said she is accepting scripts for 2012’s horror film.

“We don’t have a film program here, and I know students want to work on films,” Williams said. “This is important so students have a foundation for real life. It’s a networking opportunity.”

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