3 things that will make you lose faith in government

If you’ve been following the news, you probably know about the slew of issues facing the American people today. Serious developments are brewing this week, and those that aren’t aware of them should be educated.

This week’s list of “wtf?” news is geared toward the most recent batch of federal and state government policies and decisions that make the average person want to move to Canada (if they didn’t want to already).

•Ohio Senate Bill 5 and union-busting

Senate Bill 5 is currently being pushed through legislation by Republican state government, and already the proposed bill is sparking tremendous controversy across the state. The aim of Senate Bill 5 is to address the state’s budget deficit of more than $8 billion by re-examining the terms of collective bargaining available to Ohio unions. Unions in Ohio hold the lawful right to collective bargaining, meaning they can negotiate with employers for worker benefits, wages and other essential labor issues. Basically, without collective bargaining, unions cease to be unions and become little more than social clubs. Teachers, firefighters, and other unions have rallied against the bill.

Ohio Governor Kasich has publicly defended the bill by describing it as a measure to “restore some balance to the system”. Ohio isn’t the only state in which unions may be under attack. Similar legislation in Wisconsin and Indiana point to the possibility of a national battle for unions’ rights.

Some have described this wave of anti-union legislature as a veritable “war on the middle class.” To be fair, the state and federal governments have been accused of trying to destroy the middle class before, but it looks as if “The Man” is stepping up his game. For further information on this development and the senate bill itself, stories can be found at Fox Toledo, Yahoo News, and right here at Kentwired.

•Planned Parenthood may lose federal funding

Republicans in congress voted Friday to discontinue federal funding to Planned Parenthood. This means that the distribution of contraceptives, HIV testing, pregnancy screenings and other reproductive health services will no longer receive money from the government.

Both pro-lifers and the pro-choice camp are up in arms over this decision, which Republican congress members maintain is necessary to prevent federal money from funding abortions. However, the fact is that Planned Parenthood does much more than abortions. Safe-sex education, ultrasounds and STD testing are just a few of the beneficial services provided by Planned Parenthood.

Some say the federal funding for Planned Parenthood would be better spent elsewhere, and they raise a good point. Why should the government put money towards personal sexual health when it can barely afford to pay cops and teachers? However, to anyone on birth control or anyone with a family history of cervical cancer, this amendment is far from ideal.

Additional information on the congressional decision can be found here and here.

•Genocide in Libya

You’ve probably heard of the current situation in Libya. Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi has made it clear that his oppressive regime is going nowhere, and that he will not hesitate to use force to stay in power. Hundreds, possibly thousands have been killed in riots and fighting in the capital, the result of protests being violently put down by Libyan military. Foreign citizens are fleeing the country in droves to avoid the violence.

The sad truth is that this is not an entirely uncommon situation for African countries. Oppressive governments and political and ethnic cleansing have come to be associated with modern African nations. However, many Americans are in uproar over the US government’s seeming inaction over the issue. It is being said the we aren’t helping the Libyan people because they aren’t selling us oil.

President Obama is currently discussing possible responses to the Libyan crisis. A full story can be found here.

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