10 places to get it on

What is one way to spice up your life? Try one of these fun places on campus to get it on.

1. Library

This place is full of fun and mystery. There are tons of nooks and empty aisles to mess around in. Try one of the top floors. They are usually quiet and no one goes up there. But if you are looking for a thrill, try one of the lower floors where there is more activity. The idea of getting caught can make the moment that much better!

2. Student Center (Outdoors)

Our student center looks amazing since all of the new renovations that have been done. Someone should really break in that new patch of grass, right? If you are someone who is really adventurous, try a late night hook up there.

3. Rathskeller

This place is always dark and a good place to get it on. There is plenty of seating a live music on the weekends. If you need some help getting the courage to do such an act, get a beer ( if you are of legal age of course). Once you loosen up, try it out!

4. Dormitories

The dorms are a great place to get it on. Try one of the lounges on your floor. Most have couches and some even have a t.v. Once you used all of your energy, cuddle on the couch and watch some t.v.

5. Track

The track by DeWeese Health Center is another great place to try getting it on. It has grass, bleachers and a rubber track. Put down a blanket and go to town. Maybe try it late at night so you are underneath the starry sky or try it in the daytime and get some sun on your buns.

6. Classroom

Wouldn’t it be a great story to tell your friends that you got it on in a classroom at college? If you go into any building on campus, you are bound to find an empty classroom. Try it on wherever the professor lectures from or maybe the desks/tables where the students sit.

7. Outdoors

There is a great place behind the student center and by Eastway to try hooking up. The place behind the student center is by the MACC building, you probably walk by it on a daily basis. The Eastway spot is right next to Centennial fields. Both places are full of trees to help hide you from passersby. Try it at night for a dark and mysterious place to do the dirty or try it on a sunny day. A sunny day ensures someone will walk by and that will amp up the naughty factor.

8. Eastway bowling alley

The bowling alley is a fun place to try. It is dark and kinda loud (from people bowling) so you don’t have to worry about being quiet. It is risky because you are likely to get caught but why not try it?

9. Kiva

This place would be fun to get down and dirty in. The good thing is it is big with lots of seating and a stage, so you can have options on where to hook up. Movies are shown on the weekends so it is guaranteed to be dark. As for people, there are probably going to be others there but remember it will be dark.

10. Parta bus stops

This would be a place for an adventurous couple. It would be risky but a thrill. There is a brand new bus stop at the student center you could try or any of the other ones on campus could work too. The benches provide seating but it wouldn’t be too comfortable. I’m sure you could work around that though.