10 ways to cut up your tee shirt

Are you sick of paying money to get the latest style? Or are you just bored? Watch these Youtube videos and check out different ways to cut up your tee shirt. They are easy to make and there is no sewing involved. All you need is scissors and a tee shirt. You can use chalk for markings, but it’s optional.

1. Turn your boring tee shirt into a “going out” rocker tank top.

2. Sexy backless top

3. How to make an off-the shoulder look.

4. Cut-up ties on the side.

5. Cutting up your tee shirt and adding lace.

6. Cut up the front of your shirt and add a weave.

Since she didn’t show the weaving in detail, look at this one if you’re having a hard time.

7. Cut up the back of your tee shirt

8. Ways to wear an XL tee shirt.

9. Make a cute, girly tube top.

10. Tee-shirt pinch.

Which was your favorite way to cut up a tee shirt? Let me know!