Radiohead’s new album releases Saturday



Laura Lofgren

Photo by MCT Campus

The buzz surrounding Radiohead’s new album release is loud and incessant online and in the coffee shops. Fans are impatiently waiting for some hacker to leak just one little, poorly compressed song online. But over-zealous fans of the awe-inspiring band will have to wait until Saturday to hear a clear, decompressed note.

According to, in an attempt to stay green, “The King of Limbs” will be available first as a digital download only.

Keeping with the green theme, the title of the album is a reference to a 1,000-year-old tree in England, nicknamed “Big Belly Oak.”

The English experimental rock band first formed in the early 80s. Lead singer Thom Yorke has crooned songs for years, most notably “Creep,” off of their 1993 album “Pablo Honey.” Since then, the band has gained esteem with fans and other musicians worldwide.

All you Radiohead fans and soon-to-be fanatics can pre-order “The King of Limbs” from The MP3 version is $9, while the WAV format, which is full CD quality, is $14. The deluxe “newspaper album” with extra artwork is available for pre-ordering along with a digital version for $48 (MP3) or $53 (WAV). The hard copy of “The King of Limbs” releases May 9.

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