Be original

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to score a date on Valentine’s Day.

Make your date feel special; do something original:

-Cook dinner together, but keep it simple.

Make a pasta dish, like this, and a salad, like this. Cooking together can be a fun, original way to keep the awkward silences to a minimum and learn how compatible you are together.

-Grab some take out, and rent an old movie.

Take out is underrated. It can be a romantic way to say “I want to eat dinner alone.” A classic movie can remind you and your date of old romance, the good kind.

-Go to a bakery, and let your date pick out a dessert for you two to share.

Your date will appreciate that you let him or her choose, and splitting food can be very romantic. Try Scribbles Coffee Company.

-Maybe your both music lovers.

Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which honors music legends and has plenty of interesting, music-related artifacts. They also have a cafe where you can grab lunch or coffee.

-Go to the Holden Arboretum.

The Arboretum has trails and gardens that you and your date can walk through. It may be cold, but offer your coat.