Fetishes explained

A common fetish is the foot fetish. Photo from MCT Campus.

A common fetish is the foot fetish. Photo from MCT Campus.

Robert J. Filewich, Ph. D., explained a fetish as “a disorder whereby a person is experiencing extreme difficulties in their lives because of the fact that they like these particular objects to provide for them a great deal of sexual arousal. The only way they can achieve this type of sexual satisfaction is with an inanimate object, a non-living object.”

So what are a few examples of fetishes?

Agalmatophilia: Mannequin Lovin’

Have you ever seen or heard of the 1987 movie, Mannequin? In it, a young artist builds a mannequin and falls in love with it. This is known as Agalmatophilia, which is not limited to mannequins, but other sorts of dolls as well.

Hematolagnia: Vampires

With the popularity of movies like Twilight, there has also been a rise in popularity of a lesser-known fetish called Hematolagnia, which involves biting and using or drinking blood. There is also a separate biting fetish known as Odaxelagnia.

Dacryphilia: Turned on by tears

Some people are even turned on by their partner crying, known as Dacryphilia. This could potentially become a pathological disorder, so be careful.

Podophilia: Walkin’ on sunshine

One of the most popular fetishes today is called Podophilia, more commonly referred to as a “foot fetish.” This could include foot massages, pedicures, sucking on toes and more.

What are some of your favorite fetishes?

Information from CBS News and wellsphere.com.