Girls judge guys’ ideal Valentine dates

Natalie Moses

Along with plenty of snow and wind, romance is also in the air. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, plenty of girls are dreaming of what they would love to do, while guys are trying their best to impress. The Daily Kent Stater went around and asked a bunch of boys what they would do on their idea of a “perfect” date. It was up to the girls on campus to judge whether or not these boys would be classified as stupid — or Cupid. While breakfast in bed seems to be the most popular option, skinny-dipping didn’t seem to go over too well with the ladies. To all the men out there, take these ratings to heart and try to win over that special someone. And to all the ladies, try to give your Cupid a chance before you make him feel stupid!

“My perfect date would consist of taking a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard, walking along the beach and getting back in time to catch the Celtic’s game.” –Julio Colon

Rating: 9

Anna Penta: “He loves basketball. I love him. Cupid.”

“A horse-drawn carriage in New York City to a 5-star restaurant in which we have a table for two. After dinner, a limo would take us wherever we desired, then back to a 5-star hotel in a bed covered in roses.” –Charles Aiken

Rating: 8.5

Dagne Hampton: “Sounds like a dream date!”

“The perfect Valentine’s Day would be a romantic candle-lit dinner served on my solid man boobies followed by a sensual shower of warm oil and me singing Journey lightly into someone’s ear and then some wonderful spooning. I would be little spoon and breakfast in bed the next day.” –Patrick Ho

Rating: 5

Anna Penta: “Patrick Ho is a dream come true.”

Valerie Guiliani: “Journey? REALLY?”

“Breakfast in bed, set up for a manicure/pedicure, dozen roses, walking in Central Park down along the riverside, write 365 reasons why we’re together (one for each day) and then a romantic movie (her favorite).” –Marcus Campbell

Rating: 6

Anastasia Elliot: “Absolute Cupid.”

Anna Penta: “Flowers suck. People are not touching my feet. Creeper.”

“Home-cooked breakfast in bed, shopping, dinner, movie, then back for a bubble bath and body rub.”

Rating: 5

Kenzie Burns: “BORING!”

“The perfect date would be a surprise trip to Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh. We would enjoy the view then go skinny-dipping in the Monongahela. We’d stop at Sheetz for dinner, then go back home for some Call of Duty.” –Zach Littler

Rating: 4

Dagne Hampton: “What a romantic! — Not.”

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