Cleaning is not just for spring



Photo courtesy MCT Campus

There are not many people in the world who really like to clean and even fewer that keep up with it. And at this time of year with mid-terms coming up and deadlines coming due the time we may feel inclined to dedicate to organizing our space is dwindling. Honestly time for anything is precious, so efficiency is key. Having a clean living area not only makes getting things done easier but keeps your moral up too. Here are a few simple tips for combating common problems and taming the beast, aka your dorm.

1. Funky Fridge Smells – First off toss the trash. Science experiments should be relegated to labs. Not only does the moldy sandwich smell bad, but it can pose a threat to your health as well. Hay fever looms on the horizon so there’s no reason to put your body under more stress than necessary. Once you’ve liberated the leftovers get rid of the residual smell by placing a small plate of baking soda on one of the shelves. The earthy smell of rot should be gone in no time.

2. Greasy Anything – Lemon juice is a common ingredient in dish soap as it cuts grease naturally. Wipe down dusty or greasy surfaces with a mix of water and lemon juice to get them clean and leave the area smelling nice too.

3. Bars of Soap – Not just for washing up in the shower. In lieu of expensive sachets you can leave bars of Dove or Irish Spring in drawers and closets to act as cheaper air fresheners. As a bonus you can still use them in the bath after.

4. Trashbags Are Your Friend – Keeping all of your old assignmnts may seem like a good idea, but for the most part anything not from the current semester is just clutter. Get rid of it and for god’s sake invest in folders rather than just dump everything left back on your desk or in the drawers.

5. Black Holes – My friends used to like to refer to my closet as a black hole, the place where anything that was lost could be found. Most people have one of these even if it’s just a junk drawer. Tame the beast with clear or decorative boxes. It’s painful and you’ll hate life for however long it takes to get it done, but once it is you’d be surprised how quickly you find things when you get thing sorted and tossed the trash. Don’t be fooled though it takes maintenance.

6. Make Your Bed – Your mom probably nagged you to do it throughout your childhood or just got fed up and did it for you. However it does make a difference and it’s amazing the difference it makes in the overall look of the room. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to mom though, she’ll be amazed.

What tips or favored tricks do you have for keeping things clean?