Online shopping guide

Online shopping has taken our generation by storm. Not only can you buy your mom’s birthday present but also that new pair of Prada pumps you’ve been eyeing for months in only minuets, but you can also buy these items for half the price without even leaving your living room. Here are some great online shopping sites that offer name brand items at only a fraction of the original cost, and have everything from iPods to diamond earrings.

1. — is a great site if you are looking for…well pretty much everything. They specialize in acquiring extra merchandise from retailers and selling it to you at a fraction of the original price. It is also great because their inventory is constantly changing so you never know what you are going to find that day. They are also expanding their product categories so now they include things such as handcrafted items and cruises. (Rumor has it that they will soon offer deals on things such as flights, rental cars and hotels also soon!)

2. — Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? With an iPhone App that allows you to search their entire inventory on your phone/iPod, Amazon also has probably some of the best deals around for new/used textbooks, movies, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

3.— This site you may not have heard of, but it is probably the best personal online shopping site of all time. How it works is you go through and fill out the questionnaire about you, your styles, sizes and favorite designers. What this site does then is they compile lists of items from these designers when they go one sale and send an email to you on the days you wish to receive them. The best part about this is that its not just limited to clothing items, there are shoes, jewelry, purses and accessories. The prices they give you too is sometimes over 50% off the original price, and when you’ve been saving all summer to buy that new Marc Jacobs leather purse this will tell you when that purse is on sale and you could save hundreds on that one item.

4.— is a bit like Overstock and Amazon in the way that they offer pretty much everything you can think of, but they do it a bit differently. When you click on an item the lowest price available will be displayed along with the vender it is coming from, along with all the other available venders and their prices. I don’t know why they would offer prices that are twice the amount of the best deal available but it’s nice to see how much you could have been paying if you hadn’t of used this site.