Strange News

Snack food boxes full of live turtles seized at LAX.

Two Japanese men were arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to smuggle more than 50 turtles, packed inside cracker and cookie boxes, into the U.S.

Prairie dogs make bid for freedom.

Eleven prairie dogs escaped from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium several weeks ago and zookeepers have been looking for them ever since. Five still have yet to be found.

Chinese bulldozers get their groove on.

Two bulldozer drivers got down and boogied with their heavy-duty vehicles during a street performance in northeastern China.

Snack food boxes full of live turtles seized at LAX.

Horns, as it turns out, are not the sole propriety of animals like deer and cows. Humans can grow them too. Huang Yuanfan, an 84-year-old Chinese man is the latest to report one of these strange growths coming off the back of his head.

Play while you pee.

Sega has developed a new product called Toylets, which they plan to install above public urinals in four Tokyo metro stations. Included are four mini-games controlled by the player’s urine.

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