Flashline password set to change for Kent State students, faculty and staff


Kent State students will soon have to change their Flashline password

Sidney Keith

Students, faculty and staff will soon be required to change their Flashline password this spring, according to a Kent State press release.

Improvements are being made to the system that manages the university’s passwords. The improvements will strengthen security and make it easier for users to request password resets.

“We’ve been working with many departments across campus as well as students, faculty and staff to ensure the upgrade goes as smoothly as possible this spring,” said Brendan Walsh, manager of security and access management, in the press release.

When the new system launches, users will be asked to reset their password and answer security questions. Once these steps have been completed, users can maintain their own account and password instead of calling the Kent State Helpdesk for support.

The system will require an alternate e-mail address in case something goes wrong during initial set up. If users forget their password, this e-mail address will be used to help recover it.

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