Rod Sherman: off the court

Cody Erbacher

After the game I talked to Coach (Jaden) Uken and I was like, “you think I’ll make SportsCenter for that dunk?” And he said, “Maybe. Maybe not.” I mean, I was expecting it, but I wasn’t really expecting it. Then I got a call when I got home saying, “You made SportsCenter. You made SportsCenter!”

I never thought in a million years that I’d be on SportsCenter.

You still watch it?

I watch it time-and-time here and there, on YouTube or something like that.

Why are all the basketball players always wearing the Kent State sweats?

We have to represent for our school. This is what we are and what we’re here to do. But it’s comfortable to wear, especially on cold days like this.

You have a dog right?

Yea, I have a pit bull. He’s not here anymore though, he had to go home since he’s getting too big. I got him last year.

What’s his name?

Deuce Stephan Sherman.


It had to have something to do with my number.

You’ve got a lot of tattoos; do any of them have meaning behind them?

Rod’s Tatoos

– “God’s children are royalty.”

-His number 32 and his name with a cross.

-His grandmother who passed, her name.

-A Pac-Man symbol because his grandmother used to call him Pac-Man because he ate all the food.

-A tattoo of his mother, the No. 1 lady in his life.

-“The game lives in me.”

-Jesus’ face on his back

-Scripture on his back

-His brother’s names

All of them have meaning. Every tattoo I get has meaning. When I was young, I went to church and I would just listen to the pastor and he always talked about how God’s children are royalty, and I thought that was very significant. So I got ‘God’s children are royalty.’

I read you’re into gospel music…

In high school I did gospel rap. And I got so into it that I joined a group, but since I’m still in school, I can’t contribute as much.

Your No. 32 is the opposite of Michael Jordan’s infamous No. 23. Is that for respect, or another reason?

Respect; and when I was in high school, I couldn’t get that number. They didn’t have the number on the roster.

You’ve struggled with injuries during a lot of your time here, so I’ve got to ask… how has your knee been feeling?

It’s been good. This year I’ve been having less knee problems than I’ve had in the past. I practice more. I haven’t sat out a lot of practices. I’ve sat out a few, but a lot less than last year.

Compared to past seasons, how different is it competing for a MAC title for the last time as a Kent State athlete?

It’s frustrating and stressful at times. But it’s also relieving that we’re back in first place. The thing is, we’ve got to stay in first place. I want to win another MAC Championship so badly. I get emotional when we lose and plus it’s my last year so it’s starting to get to me that my games here are really starting to shorten up.

One of my goals this year is that when I leave Kent State, I leave on top.

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