Viral update: Ted Williams

In case you haven’t heard of Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice; you need to see this video. It’s been a viral sensation for the past few weeks.

Long story short, Williams was a Columbus panhandler originally from Brooklyn, NY. He was discovered by a Columbus Dispatch reporter who happened to have his video camera with him. The recording of Williams showcasing his gift of voice in return for spare change hit the web, where it was an almost instant viral hit.

Where is he now?

With his video making waves all over the country, Williams has been virtually buried by job offers and interview invitations. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, as seen here;

Williams was offered work by the Cleveland Cavaliers and MSNBC. The partnership between Quicken Loans and the Cavs recently made a statement on Williams and his potential employment in the future, seen here.

It seems they want Williams to get his s**t together before they hire him. Go figure.

Where do you hope Williams ends up? What kind of job do you think he should take? Leave some comments below and tell us what you think!