The iPhone apps you need to have

Mixology iPhone app. Photo by Kate Penrod.

Mixology: This app is a college kids best friend. It allows you to enter what alcohols and mixers you have available and then it offers up possible solutions to create the best drink available, along with a long list of favorite classic drink recipes. You will also appreciate the glossary of terms, tips on how to stock your own bar, and a search function to help you find the closest liquor store or bar. The amazon app allows iPhone users to connect to their Amazon account. Buy things, check the shipping status of an order or even just search the entire selections. The app also allows you to search for comparison prices by scanning a barcode, or snap photos of a product and quickly find it on the web.

Hopstop: Looking to intern in a city that you’ve never been to before, or just looking for the easiest and fastest way to commute to your new job? Well this app is for you then. This app will give you the fastest and easiest way to commute using public transportation. You can enter the amount of stops you want, how much walking you want to do, and on those rainy days when taxis are very much needed, how much the taxi will approximately cost and all the contact information for cab companies in the area. All you do is enter your starting and ending address and the app figures out everything out for you.

Angry Birds: Oh Angry Birds, how can one not get addicted to this game? Sling shooting very angry birds at green pigs is the best way possible to spend an entire class, or day for that matter. The many levels and difficulties associated with this game keeps you busy (more like addicted) for hours and hours.

Mog: This app is like Pandora, just with out the annoying ads and you can listen to the music when your not connected to a 3g network or wifi! With unlimited music downloads from their outrageously large music library that you can just store on your phone you no longer have to rely on guessing what song is going to pop up next on your pandora playlist. You can also sync it with your online account on your computer and download your playlists to your phone. This makes the $9.99 a month subscription fee seem small compared to the amount of money you usually throw down for music.

Skype: Finally those front cameras on the iPhone 4 can be used in more than just FaceTime! Skype uses your phone’s data connection to make free calls to other Skype users. And unlike FaceTime that only works on Wi-Fi networks, Skype users can video chat with each other over a 3G connection.

Lose It!: Trying to lose that winter weight before spring break this year? Lose It? is an app for calorie-tracking made simple! This app helps you lose weight by keeping track of your calorie intake by setting goals and giving you a daily calorie budget to use. It’s a simple free app that is easy to use!

Springpad: This app is made for those people who are constantly writing things down to remember, losing that piece of paper, then forgetting what you needed to remember in the first place. This productivity app allows you to input any type of information, categorize it, and then it is stored on an easy to use and organized dashboard. Store anything from photo reminders to homework deadlines on your phone. You can also sync it up to your web account to make sure that everything is always up to date.