Allerton closing leaves students without a home

Megan Wilkinson

Allerton Apartments will be torn down because of its poor condition after more than 40 years on Kent State’s campus.

Director of Residence Services, Betsy Joseph, said the roofs and balconies are in need of repair. She said Residence Services is unable to afford the renovations in a way that would keep the housing costs down for residents.

Joseph said the deconstruction will begin in summer 2012 and be complete by 2015.

“If there are any major safety issues until we close the apartments, we will immediately respond to them,” Joseph said, “but it’s not cost effective to do any long-term renovations.” Joseph also said there are no plans for the land once the apartments are gone.

Residents at Allerton were notified so they have enough time to find new housing, Joseph said. Students may continue to live in Allerton this year and may apply for housing in 2012, but rooms will be limited.

Residents have mixed feedback about the closing of the apartments. Salem Othman, graduate student and computer science major, is particularly upset and worried.

“I don’t know where I have to go,” Othman said. “At Allerton, many people can help me and my wife take care of my children. If I go to another place, I’m not sure how things will work out.”

Othman likes Allerton because it is a safe, friendly community. He and his family will be living at Allerton for three more semesters until their lease expires.

The residents have differing views as to whether or not Allerton is affordable. Othman said that $750 a month for a two-bedroom apartment for him, his wife and two children is cheaper than other apartments in the area because of other perks, such as the safe environment and location close to the university.

Lydia Clayton, middle childhood education sophomore, said that the apartments are more expensive for single parents like herself.

“At $750 a month, there are a few other places cheaper in Kent,” she said.

There is sufficient housing in the Kent community for Allerton residents, Joseph said. She said they should visit the Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization , in Room 120G of the Student Center for housing assistance.

Although there are other apartments in Kent, not all residents are eager to leave the Allerton apartments.

“Here at Allerton, all of us are one family,” Othman said. “I am so worried about the day it closes. In my point of view, this building is new to me. They do not need to close it.”

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