Students share their resolutions for the new year

Kaylee Remington

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions that are commonly broken

• Lose weight and get fit

• Quit smoking

• Learn something new

• Eat healthier and diet

• Get out of debt and save money

• Spend more time with family

• Travel to new places

• Be less stressed

• Volunteer

• Drink less


The second week of the new wear is slowly moving along, and New Year’s resolutions, for some, are starting.

Some Kent State students may keep them and others may forget and go through bumps along the way.

Laura Sellars, sophomore pre-nursing major, has a New Year’s resolution to be kind to everyone around her, a resolution that isn’t common. She said she has done more work around her house and wants to show her boyfriend how much she appreciates him.

“When I went home for break, I heard a lot of couples from my high school have broken up,” Sellars said. “I just want to show my boyfriend that I appreciate him, and let him know how much he means to me.”

Going home for break also meant seeing more of her family, and Sellars wants to show how much she missed them.

“Since I see them less, I want them to feel like I’ve grown, and I am thankful for all that they have done for me,” Sellars said.

Andre Price, sophomore justice studies major, didn’t really think of any resolutions before the new year, but wants to get back into shape.

“The academy is coming up, and I want to be in shape and pass with flying colors,” Price said.

Price said he thought of a resolution for his former girlfriend to break up with her new boyfriend and move on with her life. He said it would make him happy to see that because he doesn’t want her being held down from things she wants to do.

Reading more books is the resolution for Rio Vincz, a sophomore middle childhood education major. She thinks all the technology on campus is overwhelming and is growing tired of getting e-mails from professors about assignments.

“I like being able to hold information in my hands and turn pages instead of reading it on a screen,” Vincz said. “I feel like I am a university student with a book in my hand, as opposed to some kid sitting at home on a computer.”

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