Our View: Students, faculty wait for budget decision

DKS Editors

There’s no denying the question of the budget that looms overhead. Until March 15 when Gov. John Kasich will address the public on the issue, we all must wait.

As we brace ourselves for the worst and hope for the best, we thank President Lester Lefton for doing his best to reassure students in any way he can.

In a meeting with Daily Kent Stater editors Friday, Lefton said he is looking forward to working with Kasich to manage the budget.

“The faculty and the administration of the institution are committed to ensuring the continuity of service and the highest quality education possible,” Lefton said. “And I don’t think that students will see interruptions to the nature of their quality education at Kent State as a function of what happens with the budget.”

However, we would feel better if we knew a little more details about a plan to continue providing us with the best education possible. If budget cuts are significant, it is impossible that there will be no visible effect on students’ learning. We want to know exactly how we can maintain the current level of education on a potentially smaller budget.

We understand it is not easy to make plans without knowing the future of our budget, but we hope that when it comes down to making the decision, the university administration and Board of Trustees will be mindful of our financial situation as students. We have started an education at Kent State and wish to complete it here. We understand a tuition increase is likely but urge for it to be minimal, as we already owe more than enough in loans.

If Kasich wants to keep us in the state, he needs to show us that education is important. It is a priority for us; we have shown that in choosing to enroll here, but he has yet to show whether we are a priority for him. Waiting past March for a decision on Ohio’s budget is simply not an option.

We trust that once the announcement is made, President Lefton will keep us up to date on his plans for the university. The sooner we as students know what is going to happen, the better prepared we can be for it.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent State editorial board.