I have an app for that

Handcent SMS.Source from http://www.handcent.com/ScreenShot.php

Enables enhanced text messaging capabilities including: Send and receive texts from full or popup interface, send and save picture messages, T9 style keyboard, add your signature, search texts, change the theme, additional font packs or background, android notifications, ringtones and vibration patterns.

Inspired by instant messaging, social networks, and life streaming applications. It secures contacts, notifies end-users when they are online, and displays birthday reminders. Phonebook 2.0 automatically links up the contacts with your social network.


Angry Birds is a fun game to waste time. You fling birds through the air to knock over blocks. Each bird does something different.

Find out where movies are playing near you and what time they are playing at. You can also watch trailers, browse movies, and get reviews. Foreign cinema included.

Find the hottest venues with this app. You can share content, make plans with your friends, and connect with your friends across the city.

With calorie counter, you can keep track of everything you eat to maintain your diet. With your weight, age, and your wanted weight, calorie counter will automatically tell you how many calories you should each day. You can scan any barcode with your camera and the nutrition facts will automatically come up and update.

Browse any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink recipes that are from shot-cocktail-recipe.com.

How many ladies out there who want to keep track of their period? My days is a colorful app that keeps track and predicts your period, ovulation, fertility, and BMT.

Ever hear a song on the radio and you’re dying to know what song it is? Shazam identifies the song, artist, and a way to buy the song.

And there are always the Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Foursquare apps.