Our View: Does USG really represent the student body?

DKS Editors

Our tuition money funds the Undergraduate Student Government. We vote its members into office. We need to hold them accountable for fulfilling the responsibility we have given them. Both the students and USG need to make sure the undergraduate body is being represented as it should be.

Right now, communication between the two happens rarely, if ever.

The blame lies with both parties.

The biggest problem is that so many students don’t even know what USG is.

USG should do a better job of making its name known to students. If its members want to truly represent us, being sure we know who they are should fall high on their priority list. While students know of its events, many don’t know that USG is responsible for them. At the same time, students need to stop being so apathetic. This is our school and our money. Start caring about what is happening with both.

USG recently sent out a survey that received feedback from 5.71 percent of the student body. Justin Pierce, USG Executive Director, said he was happy with this number, as it is one of the bigger responses USG has received.

This is pathetic on two levels. One, more students should care enough to take a few minutes out of their day to respond to a simple survey. After all, USG is our link to the administration. Two, USG should aim higher than that; they shouldn’t be content with such a tiny fraction of students sharing their opinions.

Because they spend so much energy and time meeting with the administration, they risk losing touch with the student body. However, in USG’s defense, the student body is not that easy to stay linked to. Regardless, USG should pull back on meetings with faculty and start sitting down with students.

USG needs to do a better job marketing itself, and the student body needs to start caring more.

If you are interested in representing our student body, elected candidate applications are due to the Center for Student Involvement office by Feb. 9 at 5 p.m.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent State editorial board.