Spenser Etzel

The winter weather is in full force this year. And with snow, comes snowplowing. Baker’s Towing and Repair Service has pulled out its snowplows for the winter. While the shovelmen, located in Kent, brought out their shovels.

The Shovelmen and Baker’s snowplows remove the snow for residential and commercial areas. They mainly focus in Kent, but Baker’s snowplowing removes snow for Stowe, Silver Lake and Hudson.

“We’re open twenty four hours of the day so sometimes I’ll work from 3 AM until the following night. It takes a lot out of me, but I like doing it,” said Aubrey Baker, the owner of Baker’s Towing and Repair Services.

The local government will help out the senior citizens and handicapped by paying the snowplows to remove snow from their driveway. But they won’t be able to use much money this year, due to the poor economy.

The shovelmen’s William Ferrell has been shoveling snow for the past few years because he likes interacting with his customers. He will often shovel sidewalks and driveways for the senior citizens.

“It irritates me to all get up when you’re walking down the sidewalk that’s all nice and clean and then you get to the one guy who’s too lazy or, heaven forbid, maybe a senior citizen who can’t afford to have it done. We’re more than willing to work with them and give them a discount actually,” said Ferrell.

The prices for both shoveling and plowing are about the same, even though the cost of the plow outweighs the price for a shovel.

“Our prices are pretty close to matching with a snowplow because while they have the plow that cost money, it takes a little longer for us to get them shoveled because we’re doing it by hand,” said Ferrell.

For Baker’s Towing and Repair Service, one plow cost them nearly $5,000 dollars and that’s not including the truck.

“I don’t plow for the money because if I did, I wouldn’t have much,” Baker said. “I’m just trying to help other people out and I feel I accomplish that by plowing for them.”

The winter has just begun so if you’re out and about, plan on seeing these guys working out in the streets to keep those driveways safe and clean for senior citizens, handicapped and possibly you during this treacherous winter.