Just a few suggestions for you, Joel…

Michael Moses

With the recent resignation of head football coach Doug Martin, the Kent State Golden Flashes are entering a dreaded, but exciting phase: hiring a new head honcho. Given the MAC doesn’t have a head coach who truly stands out in the media world, I think it’s time for our athletic department to consider someone who would bring national attention to good ol’ Kent. Hey, 90Ksu and Dix Stadium would definitely reap the benefits if one of these guys were leading the helm (let’s assume money’s no object either):


Most Ohio area football fans are familiar with this name. The longtime coach of perennial powerhouse Glenville, he has coached a Heisman Trophy winner (Troy Smith), numerous NFL players (including Bills safety Donte Whitner and his son, Ted Ginn, Jr. of the 49ers). Ginn has been a father-like figure to many young men and model citizen who continually gives back to his community.

As for Kent State, what better way to funnel talent to a struggling program than to hire a legendary high school football coach?


The former 2007 AP National Coach of the Year was cut loose by Kansas after allegations of verbal and physical abuse, but if you’re like me, I’m sure it was just because his players came between him and the buffet line. The 400-plus pound New Castle, Pa., native has had history with the media and would definitely shine light on the Kent State program (or cast a shadow, for that matter). He’s used to recruiting the area (graduated from Youngstown State), has a history with successful D-1 programs (Kansas State, Oklahoma, Kansas) and boasts a 3-1 career bowl record.

Ignore the attitude and give the man a chance! He wins football games and would be sure to have people talking about Kent State football again. I say, go for it. We need a Flash of attention.


What better way to revitalize your career than steamrolling through a Division-I football conference? Tell me that players wouldn’t want to sign with a former NFL coach! Something tells me that the NFL isn’t going to come knocking on their doors anytime soon, and both of these coaches could use a confidence boost after the seasons they had. Come on, Joel! Give Jerry Jones or Brett Favre a call! I’m sure they’d send their letters of recommendation to you.


Did a chill run up your spine? The thought of the East Liverpool boy coming home to coach his alma mater just puts a smile on my face. The 1959 Kent State grad is most famously known for coaching Notre Dame from 1986-1996, where he won a national championship in 1988. His 249 career wins ranks eighth all time in NCAA Division-I history. Just think, what better place to win your 250th career game than where you first experienced college football? I bet ESPN would be here for that one, and that hasn’t happened for a while.

Kent State football needs something to spice up this campus. Like Coach Holtz once said, “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” We’ve not only lost a coach, but also a passion for football. We need to respond, and need to respond now.

Michael Moses is a sports columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].