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Ashley Sepanski

Stephen Dyer

Age: 38

Party: Democrat

Website: stephendyer.com


Dyer completed two terms as State Representative for Ohio’s 43rd District. Prior to working in the statehouse, he reported with the Akron Beacon Journal for nine years. He received a Pulitzer Prize nomination along with two other reporters for the series “Ohio: Look At The State We’re In.” The story analyzed where Ohio ranked on several quality of life issues.


Higher Education

• Served as chairman of the Primary and Secondary Subcommittee of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee. It has called for state commitment to education over the next decade, which should lead to property tax cuts

• Supporter of The Education Opportunity Act, passed in 2009. The bill entails a 10-year reform of the Ohio education system from Pre-K to college

• Took charge of Ohio school funding system reform

Economic Recovery

• Voted for the House to invest $100 million in a Venture Capital Fund to help support new or startup businesses

• Voted to cut $4 billion from the Ohio operating budget and for the Film Tax Credit, which promises to bring $25 million and 3,000 new jobs to Ohio in upcoming months and years

• Voted to cut his salary by 5 percent

Health Care

• Wants to reform the Medicaid delivery system and reduce per capita Medicaid spending

• Sponsored House Bill 300. It extended COBRA health care coverage from 12 to 15 months so Ohioans who lose their jobs can still receive health care

• Wants quality health care to be available to everyone

-Ashley Sepanski