Break on campus

Adrienne Savoldi

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but what do you do if you can’t, or simply won’t, go home?

Dan Shonk, resident services coordinator, said that last year 30 to 35 people stayed on campus in the assigned campus housing during break. This does not include students who live off-campus but still stayed over break.

Shounak Dey, exercise physiology graduate student from India, stayed in Kent over break last year. Dey didn’t have a car or nearby relatives to stay with.

“I just wanted to stay to see what the winter is like,” he said.

However, Dey said he got tired of the snow rather quickly.

“It was good for the first two weeks, but after that it became so dull and gloomy,” Dey said.

He was limited in where he could go due to lack of a car. He said he also didn’t like having to bundle up just to go outside and check his mail.

During the break, Dey said the campus was extremely empty, and no one was around to hang out with. However, he said he and his roommates went to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center to play racquetball. He said he borrowed movies and books from the Kent Free Library.

“I did watch a lot of movies during the break,” he said.

Dey will be staying in Kent again over break this year, but said staying will be easier this time because now he has a car. He works at Quiznos in the Student Center, but it will be closed for the break.

However, Dey said the snow is not as enjoyable as it was last year.

“Last time I enjoyed it for a week, but this time not even for a day,” Dey said.

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