Communication Convention offers insight to students in the major

Britney Beaman

All communication majors, minors and students interested in communications are invited to the Communication Convention: Making the Most of Your Communications Degree from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday in Room 317 of the Kent State Student Center.

Interested students are invited by Lambda Pi Eta, the honorary fraternity for communications studies students, and the Kent Communication Society, a student-run organization dedicated to helping Kent State undergraduates.

“It will really help students understand different things they can do with their communications major,” said Emily Carle, a senior applied communications major, president of Lambda Pi Eta and vice president of the Kent Communication Society. “People always ask, ‘what can you do with a communications major?’ and it can be discouraging. This event will get students face-to-face with alumni telling them what they can do and the different avenues they can take.”

The event will include a variety of speakers. Four senior communications majors will be there to speak. Each senior’s communications major falls within one of the four communication tracks: interpersonal communication, organizational communication, applied communication and public communication. The other speakers include Deborah Easton, a Kent State alumna and former communications studies faculty member; Nicholes Wooten, a representative from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland; David Trebing, a Kent State alumnus and faculty member; Lorie Hopp, a Kent State communications adviser and others.

The speakers will focus on topics such as what a communications degree really means, what communications students can get involved in while in school, and what students can do with their degree once they graduate.

At the event, there will be free snacks and refreshments and a table with information about each communications track.

After the presentation, a mini reception will give students a chance to network with the speakers.

“This will be an excellent opportunity for students who don’t know what to do with their communications degree,” said Arianne Gasser, a senior organizational communications major, president of the Kent Communication Society and vice president of Lambda Pi Eta. “In an hour, they will understand their communications major and what they can do with a communications degree.”

Students are encouraged to come and stay for the entire event, but if they can’t, they are invited to come for however long they are available, Carle said.

The Communications Convention is a free event.

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