Atypical study tips

Jenny Hurwitz

Finals week is stupid. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to take 12 exams in four days and still come out on top. The only way to do well and stay sane is by fitting in some me-time. So if you’d rather stay afloat than drown this finals season, then I suggest you read the following.

  1. Teach yourself how to Dougie

Stop pretending you know the dance every time the song comes on, and do Cali Swag District the favor of teaching yourself. For every hour worth of studying, grant yourself thirty minutes of “Dougie Time.” Why? Knowing how to Dougie, (I mean really Dougie) is still cool, and you too can be awesome. I admit I’m still learning, but I’m using finals week to perfect it. Dougie-ing is an easy way to unwind, get some exercise and hopefully boosts your confidence the next time you’re trying to land some dime piece (dime pieces can be boys, too).

  1. Schedule stalking

You know it’s true. One hour into studying and you’ve stumbled upon that random friend from high school’s Facebook page you thought you completely forgot about. Twenty minutes later and you know exactly what they’ve done the past three years, who they’ve hooked up with and why you stopped talking to them in the first place. Rather than feel guilty for creeping instead of studying, think of this as a reward for being such a studious student. Facing the facts and allotting yourself special stalking moments is bound to recharge your batteries.

  1. Watch “We Speak No Americano ft. Cleary and Harding”

Now, you don’t have to watch this hilariously mesmerizing video, but watching something mindless is a simple way to decompress. However, I recommend this video. A good friend of mine showed this to me about three weeks ago, and I’m embarrassed to reveal how many times I’ve watched it since.

  1. Buy a coloring book

Coloring is therapeutic, and I wouldn’t suggest this elementary activity to college students if I hadn’t experienced the benefits myself. Coloring has a calming effect, and I can promise you 30 minutes of coloring will help you see straight again. In between flipping flashcards and highlighting, just color a little. You’ll find yourself completely immersed in your picture and impressed with how well you’ve stayed within the lines. It’s an easy way to remind yourself how awesome you are when you’re feeling guilty for skipping Wednesday night class to sing Third Eye Blind at karaoke.

  1. Make your New Year’s resolution

A new year is a new you, and by the end of finals you should know exactly what you’re going to change during 2011. Even if you just commit yourself to quit eating Cheez Doodles, it’s still a resolution. Never lose sight of your real aspirations during finals, as creating a concrete plan for the New Year is a fantastic way to spend a study break.

I wish you all the best during finals. Take my study tips to heart and realize it is possible to take all 12 finals in four days and still do well. Be the boss you know you are and learn how to Dougie or even figure out how Cleary and Harding choreographed their hand dance. It’s truly been a great semester.

Jenny Hurwitz is a columnist for the Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut.