Final goodbye

Matthew Colwell

Instead of writing one last cynical criticism of something that annoys me, I just want to take a second to be thankful for this semester as a writer. It was an enlightening experience — from opening my semester complaining about the way people walk on the sidewalk to discussing language, tattoos, privacy and religion. I’ve had a lot of inspiration, I’ve had absolutely no inspiration and I’ve dealt with scrambling for an idea or a manner of articulation that I can’t seem to find. It’s been a trip, and I’m glad for everyone who was a part of it.

Every single person who read and critiqued my articles, my editor, Ashley Sepanski, and every troll that made a snide comment online — you’re all A+ people in my book. The several response articles I received: thank you for taking notice and presenting an opposing viewpoint. It’s always great to see other people striving to show the whole picture of an issue to people. Whether I agree or not, I am thankful to see your initiative to enlighten others and oppose someone else openly.

I do want to remind every single person who’s reading this of one value I hope you all uphold: never stop seeking knowledge. Continually shape and shift your viewpoint on the world and listen with open ears to everyone around you. Even in ignorance there is something to be learned. If you don’t strive to reach a new level of self-awareness, you won’t end up there. I just ask of you to love knowledge and the opinions of others.

Keep a free mind when reading the Daily Kent Stater next semester. I won’t be returning as a columnist, but I had a great time here. I hope I challenged you in some way, if even only a little bit. And if I just generally agitated you with my opinion, that’s fine, too.

And as Comeback Kid, one of my favorite bands, says, “This is my final goodbye…I want to change things, but I don’t have a say.” Have a wonderful break, and keep being awesome.

Matthew Colwell is a junior integrated language arts major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].