Travel to distant schools, meet interesting students and pelt them with rubber balls

Darian Thomas

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Kyle FitzPatrick, a junior zoology major and captain of the student-run dodgeball team, said he likes to play dodgeball because it’s fun and a great way to meet people.

In practice, the team likes to have a lot of fun FitzPatrick said. The team had Halloween dodgeball where everyone dressed up to play. He also said they encourage face shots as well.

“The way we play in practice is if someone gets hit in the face, the game is automatically over and the team who threw the ball wins,” FitzPatrick said.

The 27 members of the team travel together to different tournaments, either splitting up the cost of a hotel or staying at the house of an opposing team. In two weeks, the team faces Ohio State, and the farthest they will travel is Western Kentucky.

Matt Klembara, a junior advertising major and co-captain, said dodgeball is something that he looks forward to every week.

“We don’t really take it as serious as some of the teams take it; we just like to have fun,” Klembara said.

Getting on the team is pretty easy. Anyone who consistently goes to the open gyms, from 4 to 7 p.m. every Friday, and shows that they have an interest in dodgeball can be on the team.

Mike Klements, a junior nursing major, said after consistently playing intramural dodgeball at the open gyms, he joined the club team.

“The club team is a lot more competitive and fun,” Klements said. “It took me about six months to learn how to throw a ball solid.”

FitzPatrick said his future goals for the team are to get more people involved with dodgeball, whether it is fans or players.

Anyone interested in playing dodgeball can contact Kyle FitzPatrick, club dodgeball team captain at [email protected].

You can contact Darian Thomas at [email protected].