Kent Police makes fewer arrests on 2010 Halloween

Daniel Moore

More than 50 people were arrested on the weekend during downtown Halloween celebrations, police said.

The Kent City Police tallied 55 arrests, which is significantly lower than in previous years. Last year there were 95 arraignments in a day-after session of Kent Municipal Court.

The Kent State Police Department reported 70 arrests during the weekend.

City police dispatcher Rosemarie Mosher attributed the lower numbers to more lawful behavior by the students, rather than any special strategy of the police department.

“We had the same amount of officers and we were out and about,” Mosher said. “People were just out having a good time while obeying the law.”

Judge Kevin Poland, who presides the Kent division of Portage County Municipal Court, said he was working with the city to schedule the court appearances for those ticketed or arrested during the celebration throughout this week. ?

In previous years, former Judge John Plough held a Sunday court session to move defendants through the system and prevent a backup on the court’s docket. Poland said his move was to cut overtime and court expenses generated during that extra workday.

Officers detained seven juveniles and 45 adults in the city, Mosher said. Thirty of the arrests, more than half, were for underage drinking violations. Another nine were for disorderly conduct and two were for assault, she said.

All seven juveniles were charged with underage drinking and five with curfew violations, Mosher said. ?

Record-Courier staff writer Dave O’Brien contributed to this report.

City police Halloween arraignments (2006-2009)

2009: 95

2008: 81

2007: 57

2006: 63

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