Scavenger hunt to take place on campus with $100 reward

Morgan Galloway

Christmas is right around the corner. Don’t you need $100? Collin DeMeritt said you can have it, but you have to find it first.

DeMeritt is part of an entrepreneurship marketing class that is holding a scavenger hunt on campus. Starting today, any student can begin looking for a white medallion with blue designs around the edge. The first student to find it receives 100 big ones, no strings attached. The end of the scavenger hunt is Friday.

“The whole purpose of this scavenger hunt is to generate awareness for the entrepreneurship program here at Kent,” DeMeritt said. “We offer a major, minor and a vast array of resources for students and the community alike.”

Starting today there will be clues posted on a whiteboard at the John S. Brinzo Entrepreneurship Lab located in BSA room A123 and behind the counter in the University Bookstore in the Student Center. Each day, a new clue will offer a little more information regarding the location of the medallion. The winning student should contact Collin DeMeritt at [email protected]

The first clue, and the only clue to appear in the Daily Kent Stater, is included here: We spend enough time sitting indoors, it’s time to get up, go out and explore. We know your not monkeys, so stay out of the trees. This prize is hidden not far from your feet.

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