Too lazy to exercise? Think again.

Caitlin Restelli

On the corner of the desk is a Post-it note saying “go to the gym,” but books cover it up as the day progresses. When deciding whether to take a nap or to go exercise, the bed always looks more inviting than hauling yourself across campus in snow and howling wind. There are a million excuses as to why someone cannot make it to the gym, but time can always be set aside to do something small yet beneficial. Laziness can no longer be an excuse after making attempts at these bizarre, yet interesting exercises and ways to lose weight.

  1. The Vacuum Pose

This exercise is said to help get rid of those love handles. In about a month or less 1.75-3 inches can be taken off if this is done 15-20 minutes a day. It entails sucking in your lower belly around your belly button, but not sucking in around the upper abs. You inhale in as much as you can and then hold the pose for 15-60 seconds; the longer the better. This exercise can easily be accomplished during commercial of your favorite TV show.

  1. Spinning in a circle like a 4 year old

Freshman Spanish major Angela Barlock said she would possibly try this in her room. This is as easy as its title and you do exactly what the title says. One would never think spinning ridiculously in a circle could help them get into shape, but it can. You spin 5-15 times in a circle with your arms out like airplane wings. This exercise is said to work because when you are spinning, it is stimulating the endocrine system to be more efficient with the release of hormones.

  1. Chewing gum

It seems so simple, and it is. While chewing sugar-free gum, your body burns 11 calories per hour. If you chew gum from the time you are up to the time you go to sleep, you can burn 176 calories.

  1. Drink ice water all day

Eight 16 oz. glasses a day will raise your metabolism and burn 100 calories. The water cannot have calories in order for this “exercise” to be beneficial.

  1. Give a massage

Although getting a massage feels wonderful, giving one can be beneficial to you. While giving someone a massage for 20 minutes, 100 calories are burned. While you are able to do something nice for someone, you are able to get something in return for it without having to ask them. However, freshman finance major Brandon Flores would prefer to go to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center rather than give a massage. “You can burn 100 calories faster,” he said.

  1. Twirl in an office chair

Kyle Smetzler, freshman business management major, thought this exercise would be worth trying. While being bored in a dorm or at work, fun can easily be accomplished while helping to burn some of those calories. By spinning 60 times, 50 calories are burned. Smetzler will sometimes sit in his rocking chair to do calf raises and thought this exercise would be similar.

  1. Watch TV

Turn to a channel such as Comedy Central or something that will make you laugh. All you have to do is sit on comfortable chair or bed and laugh those calories away. Josh Bodnar, freshman pre-computer information systems major, really enjoyed this technique. “I would definitely do that,” he said. “It’s an easy way (to burn calories).”

  1. Create a sweatsuit

It’s cheap and productive. Invest in some plastic wrap and wrap it around your stomach and chest. It helps you to sweat faster, which burns the fat at a faster rate. Just wear the plastic wrap under your clothes while going to class, and you will feel the sweat factor kicking into play.

  1. Weight Loss Soap

The main goal of a shower is to get clean; however, with Aoqili Diet Soap, you can lose weight while getting squeaky clean. It is made from elixirs of undersea plants, including rare seaweed. It is filled with minerals and vitamins that work to eliminate fat layers. Barlock was a little skeptical on this particular technique. “I think later on down the road they’ll find something wrong with it,” she said. “It sounds too good to be true.”

  1. Hot hands belly rub

When the cold winter months arrive, rubbing hands together is commonly seen to warm up. You take the same technique to burn some fat cells. By rubbing hands together, a kinetic heat is being formed. Rub your hands for 20 or so seconds and then while lying on a flat surface, rub circles around the belly button area for 20-30 seconds. Repeat the exercise after that for as long as you’d like. When the hands are rubbing the stomach, the kinetic heat is burning the fat cells by entering through the skin. Aveanna Salicce, sophomore visual communication design major, found this particular exercise interesting. “I would try that,” she said. “I don’t have that much time to exercise.”

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