Halloween 2010


A quick glimpse of a long night

Dressed in a chicken suit and armed with a washboard, “Shubes” danced wildly in front of the rest of his band downtown Saturday night.

As a crowd gathered, dancing and clapping along to Johnny and the Apple Stompers, Shubes, the name the chicken said he goes by, maneuvered his way to the ground, vigorously strumming away at his washboard.

The man in the chicken suit fit in well with the rest of downtown, where sidewalks were packed with Lady Gagas, Jersey Shore characters, ninjas, pirates and both real and disguised police officers.

Seemingly unfazed by a few hecklers, the band continued to play for those who gathered at the corner of East Main Street and South Water Street, including a pack of Gumbys and their trusty pal Pokey.

A few moments later, the drunken chicken was slumped against a garbage can, apparently tired out from his prancing.

Nearby, several of Batman’s archenemies gathered in search of Batman. Running in and out of the road with fists raised, they yelled into the night:

“Find the bat!”

“Where is the Batman?”

“What’s with all the girl bats? Where’s the real thing?”

For the time being, Catwoman appeared a suitable distraction, as they gathered around her, possibly to plot their next move.

Catacorner from the chicken and fuming Batman rivals, a street preacher reminded those who passed by that they would eventually die. Although his speakers dominated the corner, few took notice.

Outside Kent Natural Foods Coop, three-year-old Leo had an abundance of energy as he put on a show, frolicking in his frog costume for anyone who was interested.

Several kids stood in the window of the store, watching the people mill about on the sidewalk.

A man nearby noted that one of the children — a young, curly-haired blonde in a green halter-top, jean shorts and white boots — looked mature for her age and a little young to be dancing in the window. However, upon closer inspection, it was evident this promiscuous preteen girl was actually a young boy.

A man down the road stood in a full astronaut suit with the American flag in hand.

He posed for pictures with countless people, evidently impressed with his costume, which he said was inspired by “a love for the Apollo project.”

Four lottery balls lumbered towards Acorn Alley and slowly felt their way down the stairs. Their large, bulbous costumes made maneuvering through the streets tough, a challenge the red 14 Powerball was ready to tackle as he exclaimed, “But I’m feeling lucky!”

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