Failin’ Palin is back!

DKS Editors

Sarah Palin’s new reality show is just about as good as her favorability ratings, which really isn’t saying much.


Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which premiered last night on TLC, wastes the audience’s time by following Mama Grizzly as she does good-old fashioned American things, like fishing, hiking and complaining about her neighbor on national television.


Ironically, she also spends a portion of the time complaining about her lack of privacy, even though she is surrounded by camera crews filming her personal family life for the world to see.


You’d think someone that hates Hollywood so much wouldn’t be acting like a movie starlet, complaining about the paparazzi while benefiting from them at the same time. But that goes to show the hypocrisy that we’ve come to adore in our nation’s beloved 2008 vice presidential runner-up.


The show almost mimic’s Paris Hilton’s Simple Life, where the spoiled hotel heiress clearly goes out of her way to make it seem like she’s a normal person, while just coming off as a flake. However, this is part of a larger post-election strategy by Palin to control how others perceive her.


After failing miserably as John McCain’s running mate, Palin only appears on television in paid appearances where she controls the message. Aside from her job as Fox News contributor and her new reality show gig, Palin hides behind her Facebook page to provide her off-balanced political and social commentary (Obama’s death panel is going to kill your grandma!).


So we’re left to wonder, is this where American politics is headed? Palin sets the example that politicians can, and should, exploit any publicity they are given. It’s plain embarrassing. We want educated, professional leaders who care about our country to step into the limelight within reason. Not some movie star wannabe trying desperately to live out her 20-something dreams.


We’re hoping Sarah Palin’s Alaska will become a hit. Then, people will see just how ridiculous she is and all hope of election into office will expire with her fifteen minutes of fame.

DKS Editors