Student Recreation and Wellness Center exit poll comments

Tony Lange

Cameron Plant (Senior): Political Science Concentration. Not first time voting for Kent. Lives off campus – WHY VOTE: There have been elections that I haven’t voted in before and I felt this year I was going to go out and I was going to do it. Everyone knows about the presidential election. Everyone turns out for that. The mid-term elections are just as important. With not as many people turning out, I think that those people who are interested in it and feel that they need to get out to make a difference, they should get out. If they don’t, then the people aren’t into it won’t come out and vote either, so it’s important that they come out and vote.

I wouldn’t say anything to them personally. In my vote, that’s my way of telling them that they need to get the economy on the right track. They need to keep promoting jobs. I think my vote speaks for itself. If the faculty and staff made it easier. I’ve had class all day. This is my one chance I’ve had to get out and vote. Right after this I’ve got a study group to go to. I just kind of have to fit it into my day. It would have been nicer if it would have been easier for me to get out and vote.

Meggie Wittman (Senior): Musical Theater WHY VOTE: Because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make sure I went out of my way to vote because it’s not the easiest thing to go out of your normal schedule and vote. You can’t complain about what’s happening unless you go out and vote yourself. In order to complain, I feel I had to vote. 48-47: I think the main two, Kasich and Strickland, they want jobs. Jobs is the main focus in the election so I think that’s what people are looking for. People are going to vote for who they think will bring in the most jobs. That’s kind of why it’s so close. CHANGE: To get people to understand how voting happens. I’m like, “Wait. Where do I vote? What’s happening?” So, I think to educate people how to vote, it’d be easier. I kind of sought it out; how to vote. So, that was my decision. But people who don’t want to vote or don’t care, if you give them the education, they might care. I do a lot of research online. I talk to my parents. I talk to my friends and also back them up with actual research online.

Bill Piotrowski (Graduated in May): Visual Communication Design and Minor in Music – WHY: I think voting is an important part of being an American citizen and the beliefs and values we share. 48-47: I think it’s close because of the national political implications that obviously it’s been a bad first two year of Obama in office, but some of that stuff doesn’t reflect on Strickland, but it’s just the times he was governor. ASK: The views on education. Strickland has had a few years to change it and he hasn’t done as much as I would have hoped he did, but I think he put the stay on increasing college tuition over these years, but I hope whoever is in office can do more to help that. Research and down party line.

Jamilia Bush (Sophomore) Early Childhood Education WHY: This is actually my first time voting. I wasn’t able to vote in 2008. So, I wanted to exercise my right and came out in vote. I was too young. I have my right to vote now. 48-47: It’s going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Hopefully the right candidate is selected and helps our state out well. SAY: I would hope they were competent to do their job and everything would work out well. I researched a lot. I wasn’t really involved in politics before.