Newly renovated Geneva facilities ready to open

Maura Zurick

The renovations on the Kent State facilities in Geneva, Switzerland have been finished but are waiting for the grand opening.

Ediz Kaykayoglu, study abroad academic program coordinator, said the conditions, staff and location are better at the renovated hotel than John Locke Center the original Kent State site.

The renovations and inspections of the building were completed in early October. The original grand opening and reception has been postponed to early spring semester when the second group of students arrives. The date of the grand opening will also depend on schedules of dignitaries who will attend.

Kent State has had facilities in Geneva for more than 33 years. Kaykayoglu said because of the location and capacity of the original facility, John Locke Center, Kent State decided to lease and renovate the Hotel Rousseau to be the new facilities for students in the study abroad program in Geneva. The capacity of the new building is about 80 students where as the John Locke Center held 22. There is about a five-minute walk to the train station, which Kaykayoglu said gives students an easier opportunity to travel. Students live and attend classes in the seven-story building.

“Students and parents have been patient. They received a 40 percent rebate in housing to accommodate for the delay of the renovations being complete,” Kaykayoglu said.

The new location and up-to-date amenities seem to please the students.

Josh Filzer, junior criminal justice major, said that the location provides many more opportunities, including socializing while using the renovated kitchen.

“I think it is a great location,” Filzer said. “We have views of the beautiful mountains, the wonderful lake, the great shopping, interesting people, and the outstanding experience of Geneva at our hands.”

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