Victory Center in Akron plays host to candidate Kasich

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and running mate Mary Taylor spoke to an excited crowd of about 50 at the Summit County Victory Center in Akron Tuesday.

With 21 days left until Election Day, Kasich and Taylor, the Ohio auditor of state, rallied the crowd in helping bring prosperity, jobs and businesses back to Ohio.

“This is about all of us. It’s not about John Kasich. It’s not about Mary Taylor. It’s about every Ohioan who grew up as a little girl or a little boy,” Taylor said. “We’ve had that opportunity. We want to make sure every Ohioan has that same opportunity.”

Kasich and Taylor both agree that in order to bring life back to Ohio, they must reduce government spending, bring common sense in Columbus and bring common sense to regulations in government. In order for their plan to work, Taylor said the government must think like small businesses and not spend more than they have. It needs to be more responsible with the money the taxpayers give to it.

“What goes on in Columbus is going to change,” Taylor said. “I am going to be responsible for reforming our regulations; those regulations that stand in the way of our small businesses that strangle them, and prevent them from creating jobs.”

Kasich urges Ohioans, regardless if they are Democrat or Republican, to stand up for themselves to continue to revive Ohio and improve people’s lives. He wants to improve families and to give those families’ children more opportunities.

“When you get your hands on the wheel, you drive the car. You don’t put it in park and you don’t put it in neutral, and you certainly don’t put it in reverse. You drive the car,” Kasich said.

Kasich said in the last four years, 41 other states have done better than the state of Ohio.

“Yea, we’re 42!” Kasich joked. “Boy, are we doing great, we’re 42!”

Kasich excited the crowd as he promised them he wants to be governor so he can bring Ohio up to number one. Right now, Ohio is the seventh highest in taxes and, Kasich believes taking care of that problem will help Ohio.

“We need to reduce the taxes so that we’re more competitive,” Kasich said. “What happens when you get a tax cut? You hire people!”

Cutting taxes will benefit small businesses by giving out more jobs, Kasich said. When there are more jobs, families will be stronger.

With these goals in mind, Kasich said Taylor will play a large role in fixing the state’s regulations and rules so that families, business owners and workers won’t be weakened.

“We are in very difficult and trying times,” Kasich said. “Somehow, we lost our way in this state. We’re going to rebuild this state.”

Matt Fair, an advertising major at The University of Akron, is a part of the College Republicans. Emily Regula, who is also from Akron, attended the rally with Fair.

“We once in a while come down here to make phone calls,” Fair said. “We support the candidates. I like the fact he’s (Kasich) friendly to businesses and plans on bringing more businesses to Ohio.”

Chuck Joseph, a resident of Akron, is also supporting Kasich and Taylor in their campaign. He said he has a hard time believing the state is building up new educational facilities, but they don’t have the funds to pay the teachers.

“My daughter is a school teacher and she’s been having a hard time keeping a job,” Joseph said. “I believe in John and Mary.”

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