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Governor Strickland is making stops throughout Ohio for this gubernatorial race.

He recently visited some businesses and spoke of his plans for business and education reform.

Tv2 Reporter Demi Heiks has more…

NATSOT Strickland

VO: Governor Ted Strickland made stops at three Ohio businesses on Wednesday as a part of his campaign tour.

VO: He visited businesses in Oberlin, Akron, and Mansfield, touring the facilities and ending his visit with a press conference.

VO: His running mate Yvette McGee Brown also travelled and spoke with him.


VO: At his stop in Akron, Mayor Don Plusquellic, made a guest appearance.

NATSOT Plusquellic

VO: Strickland reminded everyone of the contributions he has made towards helping businesses in Ohio through the Third Frontier Program.

VO: He not only addressed issues with business in Ohio, he also promoted improving education.

Stand-up: “Governor Strickland made it clear, here at his stop at Polymer Industries, the importance of education reform. Vice President of Polymer Industries Matt Graham explained why this matters not only to youth but businesses here in Ohio.”

SOT Graham: “We have to hire the best and the brightest. Our business model is we really try to solve those problems that no one else has solved, so it requires getting the absolute best people in.”

VO: Graham feels a personal connection to education In Ohio as a graduate of Akron University.

VO: He and a few of his co-workers were able to create the polymer company while students there.

SOT Graham : “The investment to education is very important to us because we are all from the university, we were educated in Ohio and that allowed us to start up this company here, which has been a great opportunity for all of us.”

VO: For TV2 News, I’m Demi Heiks.


I like this story more than I thought I would. I was worried that I would not have enough video to make a package, whild at the press conference, but it turned out alright. I think the NATSOTs of the politicians speaking were the most interesting part of the story. The b-roll could be a little boring, but a press conference is not all that visually interesting. I think Matt’s SOTs provided good information, but he was a little awkward. This package could have been shortened a little. I wish I could have had personal interviews with the candidates, but they were in too much of a hurry to talk on camera.