Web Profile Vicki Kline

Kassandra Meholick

Name: Vicki Kline

Running for: Portage County Commissioner

Opponent: Tommie Jo Marsilio

Age: 60

Party: Democrat

Resume: Certified public accountant, personal financial specialist and a maters degree of business administration from Kent State. She is currently self-employed as a certified financial planner.

Bio: Kline has lived in Portage County her entire life and currently resides in Franklin Township. She raised her fiver children, now grown, as a single mother while holding jobs waitressing, washing dishes and as an administrative assistant while completing her degrees at Kent State.

Where Kline stands on the issues:

County Budget

“I’m going to visit these department heads, see what their services are, what the cost is, do some cost benefit analysis. I used to do this when I was an account manager.”


“I think we obviously need to create more jobs for younger people to want to stay here. It has to be attractive for them to stay here, they have to be able to make a living, support families and so far I don’t think we’ve done a good job at that and I’m hoping to change it,”

Concerning College Students

Kline believes Ohio and specifically Portage County is falling victim to the “brain drain”. Many college students graduate from Kent State and find jobs out of Portage County and out of state. She said college students are a big asset and it is important to keep them here in Ohio.