Best Kent hookup spots

Kelsey Misbrener

It’s all right to take the easy way out and get down in a dorm room or apartment, but being a little creative when trying out hookup spots can spice up any relationship; be it boyfriend-girlfriend, friends with benefits or one-night stand. You don’t have to plan a lavish love getaway. The Kent State campus boasts many hidden hookup hotspots.


Dorm rooms are tiny and come with the paranoia of a roommate barging in. Take it to the laundry room.

“I would do it in the laundry room in the dorms,” said Max Williger, senior pre-med major. “That way, you could clean up when you’re done.”

The utility sink might come in handy.

Another dorm hall option is in one of the lounges. The couches aren’t uncomfortable, and there’s no worry of waking up a roommate. Feeling super adventurous? Try out the glass lounges. Just hope no one walks by.

Recreation Center

The obvious go-to spot is the big hot tub. Freshman accounting major Tyler Bass said it would be easy to sneak a hot tub hookup.

“You could just sit there and no one would notice that your trunks are down,” Bass said.

For a more risqué experience, look no further than the locker room saunas. The tinted door windows allow people to see out from inside the sauna but prevent outsiders from seeing in. Keeping a lookout would be relatively easy.

“It’d be fun in the sauna because it’s already hot and sweaty in there,” freshman accounting major Danielle Brackins said.


You’re bound to find a private spot in one of the 12 floors of the building.

Chris Anzevino, junior special education major, liked the idea.

“It’d be sweet to hookup on the ninth floor,” Anzevino said. “Like in the aisles.”

Everyone needs a little study break.

Student Center

The Student Center is more than just a place to get food in between classes.

Downstairs, the Rathskeller’s dim lighting and excess of furniture make it the perfect spot to woo your significant other.

“The Rathskeller would be cool. On the big bean bag sacs,” junior history major Marc Lechlitner said.

The enormous beanbags are big enough for two.


Angela Klco, freshman early childhood education major, prefers the great outdoors.

She would enjoy a hookup on “the little patch of grass by the Student Center.”

“It’d have to be late at night, though,” Klco said. “You got to keep it secret.”

Another little-known spot is right by Eastway.

The high jump mat on the outdoor track has both comfort and quality location. For a romantic star gazing spot, or something less innocent, the high jump mat is usually uncovered and is there for anyone to enjoy.

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