Student Legal Services teach students their rights at “Don’t Get Busted”

DKS Editors

Student Legal Services will help students know their rights at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 19 at Oscar Ritchie Lecture Hall.

SLS will be presenting “Don’t Get Busted,” an event to inform students about laws and safety before Halloween.

Todd Kamenash, director of Office of Student Conduct, will also share information. Kent State Police is expected to be there, said Elizabeth Ajunwa, political affairs and grievances chair for Black United Students.

The event is put on by Black United Students and headed by Ajunwa.

She said she has seen the SLS presentation before and learned things she didn’t know. “I’m sure that other students would want to know as well.”

“The overall goal is just for people to be aware and be safe before going out because I know Halloween is next week and students will be going out and having fun,” Ajunwa said.

DKS Editors