Kent State second biggest school in the state

Jessica White

If nine students hadn’t enrolled at Kent State this fall, the university would have trailed Ohio State and the University of Cincinnati for the ninth year in a row.

But Kent State is now the second-biggest school in the state, edging out Cincinnati by eight students.

This semester 41, 365 students are enrolled across Kent State’s campuses. Ohio State still holds the top spot with more than 60,000 students across its campuses.

“We’ve been creeping up on Cincinnati’s second place for awhile,” said Iris Harvey, vice president for university relations. “But this shows our consistent focus on enrollment and our effort in attracting great students. Students and families are recognizing the wonderful academic environment here.”

Harvey said the last time Kent State topped Cincinnati was in 2002.

President Lester Lefton said he’s excited about the return to that spot.

“We are delighted with the enrollment growth that moved us to second place,” he said in a prepared statement. “More importantly, we are proud that each year, more and more students from across Ohio and around the world recognize the great educational experience provided by Kent State.”

Harvey said she credits much of the enrollment success to the university’s emphasis on marketing.

“We work very hard on not just getting applications and accepting great students, but also ensuring that they enroll,” she said.

Harvey said she hopes Kent State remains at number two for a while.

“We’re working towards number one,” she said with a laugh.