Bill O’Neill Profile

Adam McParlane

Bill O’Neill is the Democratic candidate for Representative to Congress for Ohio’s 14th district. O’Neill served as an Assistant Attorney General for Ohio and was elected to the 11th district Court of Appeals in 1996.

O’Neill’s topmost priority resides in the economy and job market. To bolster the economy, O’Neill’s main focus is to invest in small businesses. One method of small business investment, suggested on O’Neill’s Web site, is to provide tax credits to companies who hire long-term employees.

O’Neill has a firm stance to bring jobs back into the country to help support the economy with a “Made in America” clause.

“We must provide our manufacturing industries with the tools they need to succeed. I demand our energy future is ‘Made in a America’. Any future investment in our economy must have a Made in America clause,” O’Neill said in a campaign video.

College students should take note that O’Neill plans to expand college aid programs and make college more affordable for Northeast Ohioans. Outside of college, “O’Neill supports federal money going to schools to help teachers keep their jobs and students keep their after school programs,” according to O’Neill’s Web site.

O’Neill is a proponent of the universal health care program, which eliminates co-payments through Medicare and allows children to remain on their parents’ health care insurance until the age of 26.

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