Kent State vs. Ohio University: the battle for best Halloween

DKS Editors

Everyone likes to think Halloween at their college is best, but here at Kent State, we know it’s true. Ohio State brags about campus size, Akron brags about…well, nothing and Ohio University likes to show off its award for Best Halloween Party (according to Playboy’s Top Party Schools for 2010), but deep down we know ours trumps them all.

Every October, thousands of students crowd the streets of Kent dressed in costumes to enjoy one of the best spontaneous events around. How could we make this event even better, you might ask? Sadly…Kent State could probably learn a few things from OU.

We hate to admit it, but the way OU throws its Halloween shindig is actually pretty smart. Down in Athens, the community and the police actually have a good working relationship. You read right: a good working relationship with the cops.

Now it doesn’t take a lot to realize that having the police on your side might lead to a better Halloween party, but it’s more than that. Athens City Council actually sanctions the event as a block party and the community pitches in to make sure things go well. This means blocked off roads, stages for bands, street venders and drinking in the streets are all parts of OU’s Halloween.

Community volunteers known as green jackets help patrol the grounds to make sure things don’t get too out of hand and Athens Police don’t have to ask for outside help the way Kent City police do. Every Kent cop is on duty during Kent’s Halloween festivities and they don’t get paid overtime. It’s extra stress for a massive event the police have no control over.

So, as previously stated, Kent State really does have one of the best Halloween parties around, but there are several proactive steps we could take to have a better, safer experience. If we adopt Athens’ idea to make Halloween a city sanctioned event, we’d be the school winning Best Halloween Party from Playboy. So, on that note, Happy Halloween and, as always, party safely.

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