Edwards communites asks to come back to planning commission

Kaylee Remington

Kaylee Remington

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Daily Kent Stater

Edwards Communities didn’t discuss on Tuesday night with the Kent Planning Commission because of no new information or ideas to present to them with their student housing project, Development Engineer Jennifer Barone said.

The company said they would come up with solutions to some of the issues the planning commission had at the Sept. 21 meeting. For now, the company still doesn’t have them.

Edwards Communities requested to come back to the regular planning commission meeting on Nov. 16.

Planning Commissioner Sean Kaine still allowed residents to make any final comments before proceeding with the rest of the meeting.

Gale Simon, a resident of High St., pulled out a copy of the Daily Kent Stater that had one of the many Campus Pointe Brawl stories in it. Simon said she doesn’t want to have another incident like this with another student complex.

“I don’t want this in my backyard,” Gale said.

A few other residents approached the planning commission and stating that no one should touch that area of South Lincoln Street.

Amanda Ennis, a resident of Kent and who also attended the meeting in Sept., is still making her argument about the rezoning for these apartments.

“So, this isn’t dead, it’s just in a coma?” Ennis joked to the commission.

Edwards Communities requested to rezone an area back in September, with most of it facing South Lincoln and parts on East Summit Street and Morris Road. They proposed that it be changed from a high-density area to university district.