Alternate uses for condoms

Molly Cahill

1. Balloon animals — these might not be the best for kids’ parties, but the bright colors lend themselves perfectly to this age-old party trick — try glow-in-the-dark condoms for a black light party.

2. Popsicles — you might want to rinse the lube off first, but if you fill them with juice, insert a stick and tie the end with string, you’ll have a frozen treat in a snap.

3. Waterproof your iPod — hey, if they can prevent unwanted pregnancies, why not keep your iPod dry in the rain?

4. Coin purse — holds your change and still lets you see how much you have.

5. Dessert toppings — replace the cherry on top of your banana split with an edible cherry flavored condom and you’re good to go.

6. Avoiding germs at the gym — can be slipped over exercise bike handles if you’re not sure just who was there before you.

7. Water balloons — fill with water and let fly.

8. Shower shoe — in case you forget your shower shoes, slip a couple of the jumbo-sized condoms onto your feet to help avoid unsightly foot fungus.

9. Haute Couture — Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini used condoms that failed quality control tests to design 16 outfits for Dress Up Against AIDS, all of which can be seen on her website.


10. Handbags — Safe Sax, a Portland, Oregon-based company sells vinyl bags decorated with condoms of all types. From wallets to bags for knitting and trips to the beach, your stuff will surely remain protected. Source:

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